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China MingYu Machinery Co., ltd.

  • Introduction: Specializes in the manufacture of various Enameling Machinery. We are one of the major Enameling Machine exporters from China.
  • Major Products: Round Wire Enameling Machines, Flat Wire Enameling Machines, Copper wire Enameling Machines, Alumiunm Wire Machines etc.
  • Applications: Magnet Wire.
  • Location: Hangzhou, China.
  • Factory Area: 3900 Square Meters
  • Founded: in 2001
  • Number of Employees: 292
  • Overseas Market: Asia, Europe, Mideast, Africa, North America, South America, Australia etc.
  • OEM & ODM Customization: Accepted

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Professional Exporter

We manufacture reliable Wire Enameling Machines

Specializes in the manufacture of various Wire Enameling Machines.We are one of the major Wire Enameling Machinery exporters from China.

Genuine Maker!

We have own research and manufacturing center.