Water-Tank Wire Drawing Machine,Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine,Aluminium Wire Breakdown Machine

Aluminum wire breakdown drawing machine for cable aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire, thermal spraying wire.

The completely equipment included:

  • Pay off stand;
  • Drawing machine (main machine);
  • ZWS- type spool take up unit;
  • electric motor for drawing machine;
  • Electrical cabinet.
  • Operator platform
  • Tension frame

Wet Type Drawing Machines For Aluminum Wire,Slip Type Wire Drawing Machine For Aluminum Wire,Rod Breakdown Machine for Aluminum Wire
It is for the drawing process of cable aluminum wires, spray wires, aluminum welding wires, aluminum alloy wires.

Product parameter:
Inlet diameter: Φ9.5mm
Min. outlet diameter: Φ1.3mm
Max. speed: 900m/min
Features: Last capstan is controlled by independent motor; one kind of die setting is suitable for different finished diameter, no need to change all the dies for different diameter.

Take-up by spooler with Screw type traverse controlled by inverter
11 die machine is suitable for finished wire diameter Φ2.2mm-Φ5.0mm
13 die machine is suitable for finished wire diameter Φ1.68mm-Φ3.5mm
11 die machine is suitable for finished wire diameter Φ1.3mm-Φ2.3mm
Its break detector is adopted in rod feeding side,which is high speed(900m/min) drawing for aluminum wire.Under the influence of universal tension control and all directions adjustable for finished wire die.